Small Parts Sorting Machine Nuts and Small Components | Used Industrial Sorting Machine for Sale

Introducing our robustly built Milling Machine, a true workhorse in the realm of precision machining. Boasting a generously sized table, this machine is the epitome of precision engineering and reliability.


Introducing our used industrial sorting machine, a highly efficient and robust solution designed for sorting nuts and small components. This machine, with its proven track record in the industry, offers you unparalleled precision and speed – making it an essential asset for businesses looking to optimize their sorting processes.

High-Speed Sorting Capability

Engineered to handle high-volume sorting tasks, our sorter can process thousands of small components per hour. This speed is achieved without compromising the accuracy and consistency of the sorting process.

Advanced Detection and Sorting Mechanism

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and sorting mechanisms, the machine can accurately distinguish between different sizes, shapes, and weights of nuts and small components. This feature ensures that each item is sorted to its designated category with precision.

Durable and Reliable Construction

Constructed with high-grade materials, this industrial sorter is built to withstand the rigors of continuous, heavy-duty use. Its sturdy build minimises maintenance needs and ensures a long service life for years to come.

User-Friendly Interface

The machine features an intuitive control panel, making it easy for operators to manage sorting parameters and monitor the entire process. This user-friendly design reduces the learning curve for new operators and enhances overall efficiency.

Adjustable Settings for Versatility

With its adjustable settings, the sorter can be calibrated to handle a wide range of nuts and small components. This versatility makes it suitable for various industries, including automotive, electronics, and manufacturing.

Compact and Ergonomic Design

Despite its powerful capabilities, this sorter has a compact footprint, making it an ideal choice for facilities with limited space. Its ergonomic design also ensures easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the sorter consumes minimal power, reducing operational costs and contributing to a greener production environment.

Application Uses

This sorter is incredibly versatile and can be utilized across various sectors:


Ideal for sorting different types of nuts, bolts, and small parts used in manufacturing lines.


Useful in sorting small electronic components such as screws, connectors, and fasteners.


Perfect for sorting automotive parts like nuts, bolts, and small metal components.

Machine Benefits

This used sorting machine brings with it many benefits, including:

Increased Productivity

With its high-speed sorting, your business can significantly increase throughput, reducing the time spent on manual sorting.

Enhanced Accuracy

The sorter’s precision reduces errors, ensuring that the right components are in the right place, enhancing product quality.


Investing in this used sorter is economically advantageous, offering the benefits of high-end sorting technology at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Reduced Labour Costs

Automating the sorting process minimizes the need for manual labor, allowing your workforce to focus on more critical tasks.

Installation and Support

The purchase includes comprehensive installation support and a detailed user manual. Our team is also available for any technical assistance or training required to operate the machine effectively.


This Used Small Upright Milling Machine is in a used but well-maintained condition. All parts and components have been inspected, cleaned, and tested to ensure optimum performance.

Used Industrial Sorting Machine Overall

Our used industrial sorting machines for nuts and small components represents an outstanding opportunity for businesses looking to enhance their sorting processes without incurring the high costs of brand-new equipment. Its blend of speed, accuracy, and reliability, making it an invaluable addition to any production line.

Invest in this sorter and experience a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective sorting solution that propels your business towards greater productivity and success.

Please note: We have done our best to accurately describe this Used Small Upright Milling Machine for Sale. However, some parts of this description could differ from this machine in action.