15 Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing Used Machinery

In the world of industry and manufacturing, it’s often a wise decision to invest in used machinery. Purchasing used machinery can not only this decision lead to significant cost savings, but it also contributes to the sustainability of the environment by extending the lifecycle of the machinery.

However, the process of buying used machinery can be complex, as it requires careful attention to numerous factors to ensure you’re making a wise investment. Here are 15 things to consider when purchasing used machinery.

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Age and Usage

A machine’s age and usage are two crucial factors. Older machines may be more likely to need repairs or replacement parts. Find out about the machine’s history, how intensively and for what period it has been used.

The Seller’s Reputation

Conduct due diligence to ensure the seller has a solid reputation. This due diligence may include researching online reviews and asking for references.

Machinery Condition

Assess the current state of the machine. This check includes checking for any signs of rust, leaks, or damage and ensuring the machine operates smoothly and effectively.

Availability of Spare Parts

Before purchasing used machinery, ensure that spare parts for the machinery are readily available. Some older machines may have parts that are hard to find or expensive to replace.


The availability of proper documentation like manuals, maintenance records, and past repair records is good. This documentation will give you a clear picture of the machine’s history and benefit future maintenance.


Ensure the machinery meets all relevant safety standards. Check if safety features are intact and working properly. Older machinery may not comply with current safety regulations, so this point requires special attention.

Machinery Price

Compare the price of the used machinery with similar new models and other used ones on the market.

Operation Costs

Consider the running costs associated with the machine. These costs may include energy usage, maintenance, and the need for specialised personnel to operate it.


Some older machinery might operate on outdated technology, slowing your production process or generating compatibility issues. Ensure the technology is still relevant to your needs.


If possible, have the machine inspected by a professional or an experienced team member. This inspection will help identify any problems that may not be apparent at first glance.

Maintenance Needs

Some machines require more maintenance than others. Ensure you understand the maintenance needs of the machinery and whether your business can accommodate these needs.

Future Needs

While the machinery may meet your current needs, consider your business’s future growth. Will the machine still be suitable a few years down the line?

Transportation and Installation

Consider the logistics involved in transporting and installing the machinery. Larger machinery may require specialised equipment. Our machine moving service can easily help accommodate you here.


Last but not least, will your team be able to operate the machine effectively? If not, factor in the cost and time for training.

Key things to consider

Purchasing used machinery can be strategic for many businesses, but only when conducted with proper caution and thorough inspection. By considering these 15 factors, you can ensure that your investment in used machinery is wise enough to contribute to your business’s success for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions We Get Asked About Used Machines

Why should I consider buying used industrial machines?

Buying used machines can be cost-effective, especially for startups or small businesses with limited budgets. They can get more value for their money and sometimes acquire higher quality machines than they could afford new.

Are used machines reliable?

Yes, used machines can be reliable. However, the reliability depends on the machine’s age, maintenance history, and how intensively it was used. Properly maintained used machines can serve a business effectively for many years.

What should I check when inspecting a used machine?

When inspecting a used machine, check for physical signs of wear and tear, rust or leaks, and listen for unusual sounds. Also, check the machine’s operation to ensure it’s running smoothly. It’s often advisable to have an expert inspect the machine.

How can I be sure the used machine will meet my business’s needs?

Start by understanding your business requirements, the production capacity you need, and the specific features required in the machine. Carry out a production test on the machine before buying.

What if spare parts for the machine are not available?

Before purchasing a used machine, ensure that spare parts are readily available. Finding spare parts might be difficult if the machine is very old or from a less-known brand.

What are the hidden costs involved in buying used machinery?

Hidden costs include shipping, transportation, installation, potential repairs, and routine maintenance. You may also need to invest in training for your staff to operate the machine.

How can I ensure the machine is safe to use?

Check if the machine complies with current safety standards in your country. Safety features should be intact and operational. If in doubt, consult with a safety inspector.

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