10 Essential Tips for Selling Your Outdated Industrial Equipment

As a platform that facilities the buying and selling of machinery, we have put together this handy guide for you, on how to get the best from and out of your machinery that you have for sale.

1. Assess the Equipment’s Current Condition

Physical Inspection

Check for signs of wear, damage, and functionality. Make necessary repairs where possible to increase the equipment’s resale value.

Operational Assessment

Confirm the machine’s operational efficiency. Consider conducting a performance test to assure potential buyers.

2. Gather All Documentation

Original Purchase Receipts

Proof of ownership helps in price negotiation and verification.

Maintenance Records

A well-maintained piece of machinery often fetches a better price.

User and Service Manuals

These can provide valuable information to the new owner.

3. Set a Fair Market Price

Research Comparable Sales

Look at similar equipment in the current market to get an idea of pricing.

Consider Depreciation

Remember, machinery loses value over time, especially if newer models are available.

Adjust Based on Condition

Deduct or add value based on the machinery’s state, rare features, or included accessories.

4. Enhance Presentation

Clean the Equipment

A clean machine always looks more appealing. Remove grime, rust, and dust.

Take High-Quality Photos

Clear images from multiple angles can significantly improve online listings.

Write a Detailed Description

Highlight key features, the machine’s capacity, age, brand, and any recent upgrades or repairs.

Our dedicated marketing team can help write this and help with other areas listed here.  

5. Choose the Right Sales Platform

Industry-specific Websites

Like ours attracts serious buyers looking for specialised machinery.


Consider both online and offline options. Auctions can be beneficial for items in high demand. However, you will be looking at high selling fees here, often greater than 20%.

Direct Sales

If you have a network of contacts, use it to find interested buyers.

6. Be Transparent

Disclose Defects

Honesty will help build trust with buyers. It’s better to be upfront than face disputes later.

Provide a Return Policy

If feasible, a short-term return or warranty can provide buyers with peace of mind.

7. Handle Enquiries Professionally

Prompt Responses

Be ready to answer questions from potential buyers.


Be open to offers; but know your bottom line.

8. Manage Logistics and Transfer

Shipping Costs

Determine who will cover transport costs – buyer or seller. We can also help here as we have our own dedicated machine moving business.

Safety During Transport

Ensure machinery is safely packaged or prepared for shipping.

Legal Documentation

Ensure all transfer of ownership documents are in order.

9. Be Aware of Scams

Verify Buyer Credentials

Especially if the sale is online, be wary of fraudulent buyers.

Secure Payment Methods

Use trusted transaction methods and avoid releasing machinery until payment is confirmed.

10. Post-Sale Follow-up

Seek Feedback

This can help improve future sales processes.

Offer After-Sale Support

Even if it’s just answering a few questions, it can lead to repeat business or referrals.

Essential Tips for Selling Your Outdated Industrial Equipment Final Thoughts

In the dynamic world of industrial equipment trade, selling outdated machinery can be a complex task. However, with careful planning, transparent dealings, and a professional approach, you can ensure a smooth sales process and obtain maximum value from your assets.

By following the tips outlined in this guide, and working with our marketing team, sellers can not only establish trust with your buyers; but also ensure that both parties walk away satisfied.

  Interesting in selling your heavy equipment. Contact our sales team today to see how we can help you.